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NAMI Seattle holds events to raise awareness about mental health, break down stigma and raise funds for our organization so we can continue to provide free services to the Seattle community. We host two large scale events each year Depressed Cake Shop and NAMIWalks. We also host events exclusively for members of our organization, and other, smaller events out in the Seattle community.






Every journey begins with that first step! NAMIWalks is proud to be the largest and most successful mental health awareness and fundraising event in America! Through NAMIWalks' public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing how Americans view persons with a mental illness. This is leading to ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need. Please join us as we improve lives and our communities one step at a time!

Depressed Cake Shop

The Depressed Cake Shop is a pop-up concept that sells grey colored cakes and other baked goods with the purpose of raising awareness about mental health issues.

The Depressed Cake Shop started in the UK and to date more than 30 Depressed Cake Shops have popped up all over the world. Last year, the Depressed Cake Shop Seattle sold out in just 2 hours.

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