NAMI Washington has our annual convention and is not to be missed on Sept. 15th through 17th. Our convention is of comparable quality to the NAMI National Convention, but shorter and nearby.

This year our conference will be in Olympia at the Red Lion (RL).  At this upscale hotel we will hear speakers on a variety of essential topics.  For example, our own Ron Honberg who is our chief attorney at NAMI National will speak.  He takes a personal interest in NAMI Washington.  Always approachable and he even initiated a conversation with me at the recent National Convention is DC.  He will speak on Friday evening.

Earlier on Friday a representative of The Gates Foundation will speak.  I look forward to getting to see how a real mover and shaker addresses mental illness and substance use disorders as he addresses his topic. 

Over the three days the workshops will be interesting covering a variety of topics--HIPPA and confidentiality (ever think you can't get enough info in our state (things  have changed)). Other workshops include:  supportive housing and education (feel you or a relative could be on their own with just a little help), de-escalation (avoid a crisis by cooling things down), traumatic brain injury and the up and coming ABLE program which makes it possible to work without jeopardizing benefits.  We need to reduce the disincentives to employment. 

On a more personal level there will be a workshop on resilience.  Determination and persistence can happen while utilizing ideas about resilience.

Plus, in keeping with the script on a  new NAMI t-shirt, at the convention you find out that "you are not alone."  You can make new friends and learn of their ideas.  What have they tried?  Hotels always have an exercise room so you can integrate the information while working out and being healthy.

See you in Olympia!

John Freeburg, Former President NAMI Kitsap, Former NAMI Washington Board Member